Hun Sen slams Meas Nee, Lao Mong Hay, praises James Sok

(Phnom Penh) : Prime Minister Hun Sen has criticized two well-known political analysts Meas Nee and Lao Mong Hay for their negative analysis about the government while praising a Cambodian American analyst Sok Sakoun for his fair comment.

Speaking at the ground-breaking ceremony of flood protection and drainage improvement project in Phnom Penh on Monday, Mr Hun Sen said that Mr Nee and Mr Mong Hay’s comments are negative while that of Mr Sakoun, also known as James Sok, is acceptable.

“Meas Nee analyses 10 things and all 10 are negative. Lao Mong Hay analyses 10 things and nine are bad but James Sok analyses 10 things and seven of them are bad,” Mr Hun Sen said.

“When those analysts analyze something, they refer to those things as politically motivated. I want to give advice to some analysts: If you want to analyze something, please do it so sensibly,” he said. “You analyze 10 things, all of them are negative but James Sok analyses something both negatively and positively.”

Mr Hun Sen said that even if he is dissatisfied with analysts’ negative comments, he still takes their comments into consideration.