Samrin to lead parliamentary delegation to Europe-Asia meeting

Phnom Penh: National Assembly president Heng Samrin will lead a delegation to attend the 4th Europe-Asia Parliamentary Meeting in September in Kazakhstan.

Mr Samrin yesterday met BeKerzhan Zhumakhanov, Kazakhstan’s Ambassador to the Kingdom, who visited him at the national assembly building yesterday.

Keo Piseth, Mr Samrin’s cabinet chief, yesterday briefed reporters on the visit and said that Mr Zhumakhanov issued an invitation from the Kazakhstan Parliament’s president for a Cambodian delegation to attend the September meeting.

“The national assembly president [Heng Samrin] will lead the delegation to attend the 4th Europe-Asia Parliamentary meeting in September in Kazakhstan,” he said.

Last year, the 3rd Europe-Asia Parliamentary Meeting was held in Turkey. The first meeting was held in Moscow in 2016, followed by the one in Seoul in 2017.

Mr Piseth said that during the meeting with Mr Samrin, Mr Zhumakhanov praised Cambodia’s rapid development and pledged to strengthen bilateral ties and cooperation in all sectors between Cambodia and Kazakhstan.

“The Kazakhstani ambassador to Cambodia said he will work hard to boost bilateral relations in economics, business, politics and tourism,” he noted.

Mr Piseth said that during the meeting, Mr Samrin highlighted that Cambodia and Kazakhstan have had diplomatic relations for more than 60 years.

He said Mr Samrin noted that Mr Zhumakhanov’s mission in Cambodia is very important to continue to boost relations and cooperation between the two countries.

“Mr Samrin said that the Cambodian national assembly supports the cooperation between both countries,” Mr Piseth said.

He said Mr Samrin also thanked Kazakhstan for sending a delegation to attend the Asian Parliamentary Assembly meeting in Cambodia in 2017.

Mr Piseth said the national assembly president also urged Mr Zhumakhanov continue to encourage more Kazakhstanis to visit and invest in Cambodia.

He noted that bilateral trade between both countries is still small and about 2,000 Kazakhstanis visited Cambodia last year.