Pa Socheatvong steps down from lawmaker position

 Phnom Penh: Pa Socheatvong has stepped down from his CPP lawmaker position after rumours surfaced that he could replace Mob Sarin as chief of the Phnom Penh Municipal Council.

The announcement of the resignation was made yesterday by National Assembly spokesman Leng Peng Long, who said that Mr Socheatvong resigned in the beginning of the week.

“He resigned from his position about two to three days ago,” Mr Peng Long said, noting that the CPP already has the resignation letter. “He resigned for personal reasons.”

He said that Mr Socheatvong could become the new chief of Phnom Penh Municipal Council, but did not confirm.

Mr Socheatvong declined to comment on the matter yesterday. Between 2013 and 2017, Mr Socheatvong was governor of Phnom Penh.

He served as a lawmaker in 2017 where he was appointed as the chairman of the commission on human rights, reception of complaints, investigation and National Assembly-Senate relations.

Lawmaker Chheang Vun said: “I do not know about this case because it was not announced”.

Mr Sarin said his tenure ends in May and that he is now in Thailand for health reasons.

“I am now resting at a medical facility in Thailand,” he said.

Phnom Penh Governor Khuong Sreng could not be reached for comment yesterday.

CPP spokesman Sok Eysan said he does not yet know what the plans are for Mr Socheatvong, but noted that the CPP is aware of the decision.

“Maybe the party has a plan so he can be transferred to another place,” Mr Eysan said.

The Kingdom will hold its third provincial, municipal and district council elections on May 26. All 11,572 commune councilors are expected to cast ballots.

There are 559 seats up for grabs in Phnom Penh and the 24 provinces, while there are 3,555 seats up for grabs in all districts and cities across the country.