Outgoing EU envoy urged to spread factual info

Phnom Penh: Labour Minister Ith Samheng yesterday asked outgoing European Union Ambassador George Edgar to help provide factual information about Cambodia to the bloc’s members.

Mr Edgar, who ends his tenure this month, paid a farewell visit to Mr Samheng at the ministry yesterday.

Mr Samheng thanked him, on behalf of the Cambodian government, for the European Union’s contributions toward Cambodia’s development over the past years.

“Through this good cooperation between Cambodia and the EU, we have solved many issues, especially in the field of work relating to improving working conditions and labour rights,” said Mr Samheng.

He said Mr Edgar was really committed to enhancing cooperation with Cambodia, noting that the EU is the biggest importer of Cambodian textiles.

“The EU ambassador has provided support to our country in promoting good relations between Cambodia and the EU. These memories will be in our hearts for his contribution to Cambodia’s economic and social development.” Mr Samheng said.

“During our meeting, I also asked him to help provide factual information on the state of affairs in Cambodia, especially on improved labour conditions, to EU members,” he added.

The EU is currently reviewing the Kingdom’s access to the Everything-but-arms trade scheme due to perceived democratic and human rights setbacks.

Mr Samheng said Mr Edgar expressed his hope that Cambodia and EU will have good relationship with each other.

“He told us that he heard that European investors and the trading partners still want to cooperate with Cambodia,” Mr Samheng added.

During the meeting Mr Edgar also thanked Mr Samheng for his help in facilitating his work during his mission in Cambodia.

The EU ambassador also noted that he was really happy to see that Cambodia has improved working conditions and labour rights.