Storm destroys six houses in Preah Vihear

A thunderstorm on Tuesday destroyed six houses and caused flooding in 50 more in Preah Vihear province’s Chheb district.

Colonel Chhour Mady, Chheb district police chief, yesterday said that strong winds blew down the six houses in Chheb 1 commune, but no one was hurt.

He said that the storm also caused flooding in 50 houses, but waters have since subsided.

“Whenever it rains in the commune there will be floods but the water will subside within a few hours,” Col Mady said, dispelling rumours that the flooding was caused by the opening of floodgates in Thailand.

The National Police’s Fire and Rescue Department on Wednesday posted on its Facebook page that heavy rain caused flooding in 50 houses in Chheb I commune’s Chheb Lich village and also damaged a road leading to a bridge.

The Water Resources and Meteorology Ministry on Wednesday issued an alert calling on all people to be careful of storms and lightning which could occur until today.

National Committee for Disaster Management spokesman Keo Vy said on Monday that so far this year, 75 homes were destroyed in 13 provinces due to strong winds.

He added that 440 homes, eight schools and 95 hawker stalls were damaged and noted that seven people were injured in lightning strikes.

This week, Prime Minister Hun Sen also appealed to villagers to be careful because despite the current dry season, strong winds and lightning strikes still occur during the occasional rainstorm.

“Do not let our people suffer. This is a problem that local residents must keep track of regularly,” he said. “Every citizen should be careful to not ignore strong winds and rain.”