US deportee jailed over brutal treatment of girlfriend

Phnom Penh Municipal Court yesterday sentenced a former aerobics teacher to 30 months in jail for unlawfully confining his girlfriend and torturing her in his apartment in Chamkar Mon district last year.

Judge Koy Sao identified him as Proeung Sam Oeun, 39, a Cambodian-American who was deported from the United States in 2003 for involvement in criminal activities.

He said Mr Sam Oeun was charged with unlawful arrest and detention, unlawful confinement, committing intentional acts of violence and also torture. He was arrested by municipal military police on September 16 last year.

“The court decided to convict and sentence him to two years and six months in prison,” Judge Sao said. “He has the right to appeal against the court’s verdict to a higher court within a month if he does not accept it.”

According to a military police report, the 22-year-old victim in 2017 started learning aerobics from Mr Sam Oeun at the SuperFit Club in the district.

After three weeks, she became his girlfriend and they had sex weekly in guesthouses.

The report said that in January last year, Mr Sam Oeun rented an apartment unit and the victim had sex with him daily. It noted that every time they had sex, Mr Sam Oeun would beat and torture the victim.

“Every time he had sex with the victim, he would beat and torture her,” the report said. “He would bite her hands, face, mouth and body and also film the sex sessions.”

“He also threatened to kill her or post the sex videos on Facebook if she ever left him,” it added.

The report said that on September 15 last year, Mr Sam Oeun came to know that the victim had been engaged to another man before she became his girlfriend, so he beat her and locked her in the apartment that night.

The report said that the victim managed to telephone family members living in the district who alerted municipal police.

Police raided the apartment at about 9am on September 16 and arrested Mr Sam Oeun before rescuing the victim and handing her over to her family.