Commentary: Traitor’s Concept Revealed

Phnom Penh: The seven-floor-building collapse in Preah Sihanouk province on 22 June this year was a serious tragedy causing horrify throughout Cambodian people heart. After having a two-haft-day recuing operation, 54 were killed and injured. Samdach Hun Sen holding a top meeting in Bangkok put an immediate effective order to settle this case. Without having any rest, he rushed to KPS to help the recuing teams once he landed on the nation.

Meanwhile, he had appealed to donors to contribute both money and supported materials as well as some encouragements to these teams. This denoted joint responsibility and emergency aid which is a Khmer tradition. In addition, Mrs majesty also showed her sympathy and pity for her people suffering from this sorrowful incident. She expressed her deepest condolence and contributed her own money to them as well.

In this silent and sad occasion, Chinese, Australia and USA embassies in Phnom Penh send their condolence to victims.   In contrast, some absolute members from court dissolved party intended to destruct its nation took this opportunity to disreputable criticize government and bring its political popularity. In fact, Sam Raingsy used this to degrade Khmer leader crazily. He never cognates to the country’s achievement and expressed condolence to the victims as well. In addition, to serve his political interest, he also uses Khmer people affecting from natural disasters as his accuse.

Overall, we understand clearly of this betrayal’s mysterious tricks. By the time, he hadn’t had exile abroad, what destruction he has done to his nation. He made chaos causing death and injure. Then he drawn the political advantages behind.

He said he feels sympathy to Cambodia workers but he instigates them to burn out their factories. He makes farmers revolt to land revolution to bring instability to the nation. The last cruel idea is that he pushes the poor to look bad on the rich. Nothing hides for human characteristic.  Chamnan