PM៖ 7 CPP’s Lessons

Phnom Penh: Today is the 68th founding anniversary of the Cambodian People’s Party which initially was the Khmer Revolutionary Party. This event was presided over by Samdach Hun Sen, prime minister of Cambodia, Samdach Heng Samrin, a honorable head of CPP and president of  national assembly, senior officials  and participated by over 30k supporters.

Samdach said the history of political action of the Cambodian People’s Party has been one of a brave and steadfast leadership before every phases of history on its clearly defined, realistic and long-term vision policies for the supreme interests of the nation. Going through the past four decades of the struggle for national survival, restoration and defense of motherland since the 7 January victory, we have learnt some valuable lessons crucial to the future of our nation.

Firstly, setting out path, policies, strategies and tactics for correct leadership has been primary factor for success of the nation. In over the past 40 years, the Cambodian People’s Party has led the country with successes on a correct path – without going either too right or too left, or losing control. The Party has always been practical in responding to the aspiration of our people, and in conformity with national and international situation development. The Party has attached itself with people, listened to people, exercised regular self-inspection, and dare to improve own shortcomings. Decision made by the Cambodian people to choose correct political leadership is the most important and necessary part.

Secondly, people are essential factor to realize successes in national liberation resistance as well as in restoring and building the country. They are the foundation supporting political leadership in the nation. Should people misunderstand, provide no support, and make no participation, no major national tasks could be achieved. It is in this understanding that in its politics and actions, the Party must adhere steadfastly to faithfulness and always set people as objective of services. That said, each and every Cambodian must acquire clear knowledge about right and duty, and participate with ownership spirit in national construction and defense.

Thirdly, solidarity is the vital factor of our nation. Only with solidarity, our nation wins. To guarantee a firm national solidarity, there needs to be a correct leadership and path, and a guaranteed implementation of the principles of democracy, freedom, and rule of law. While doing this, an absolute prevention must take place from the beginning on actions of instigation, incitement, division, conflict-making and anarchic actions. They must not be allowed to cause disaster to the nation. In this meaning, implementing the 11-points policy of the National United Front for Salvation of Kampuchea, national reconciliation policy, win-win policy, and taking vehement legal measures to keep political stability, security, and public order at all circumstances have ensured the consolidation of the strand of solidarity of our nation overcoming whatever obstacles they might be.

Fourthly, peace and stability have been the foundation indispensable for development, and vice versa, development with inclusiveness and equity is indispensable to guarantee and strengthen peace and social stability. Together, in the peace of process of our nation, we should remember that war and national division stemmed out from leadership of the previous generations that was incorrect and contradicting to the people’s will. Influential foreign interference has left the later generations to seek for resolutions to be attained through avoiding war-to-end-war means.

Fifthly, in every circumstances and settings, we must raise high self-consciences and be resolute in firmly and steadfastly defending forever lasting national independence, sovereignty, and territorial integrity before whatever external violation there may be. National independence and sovereignty is the supreme value to guarantee honorably national existence and the chief pillar to support peace and progress of our nation. History has shown clearly that weakening or losing national independence and sovereignty brought about division, war, destruction, suffering, backwardness, and insults on our nation.

Sixthly, in every circumstances, our people must adhere strictly to the position of mastering their own nation and have confidence in own forces and efforts. Reality has proven that we are able to overthrow the regime of genocide and prevent its return for the second time. We have realized great achievements in socio-economic restoration, construction, and development. We have overcome and resolved internal national crisis, especially realized full peace through own win-win policy, without foreign command or assistance. We scored its success majorly because we have solidarity, will, intellectual, steadfast efforts and braveness. It is worth remembering that solidity of internal factor embraces determined and fundamental natures to receive assistance from outside.

Seventhly, friendly relations, solidarity, and good cooperation with neighboring countries and with countries in the world irrespective of political regimes on the basis of strict adherence to principles of neutrality, peaceful coexistence, and non-alignment, and respect of independence, sovereignty, territorial integrity, equal right and footing, and mutual interests are indispensable in guaranteeing development and peace of our nation at present and for a long time to come. It is in this remark that in all circumstances, efforts must be made to build, maintain, and nurture firmer bonds of friendship and cooperation with countries and international organizations, while continuing to take active parts in international affairs. Vong/Chamnan