We Thank Peace” has become a slogan for peace loving people

Samdech techo Hun Sen Said Dear compatriots, as Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Cambodia, garnering supports and trusts from our people through the free, fair and just elections, I continue to make my fullest efforts to lead successful implementation of the Royal Government’s political platform of the sixth legislative term of the National Assembly. That will be to ensure national progress, where people have better living conditions, to strengthen justice and social equity, to uplift national prestige, all of which is to realize the visions of making Cambodia high-middle income country by 2030, and a high-income country by 2050.  

On this auspicious occasion, I would express my deep respect and gratitude to our compatriots both inside the country and abroad for their steadfast supports and confidence in the leadership of the Cambodian People’s Party in the past 41 years. I am calling on our compatriots to continue to unite and come together in a solidarity around the Royal Government under the roof of the Constitution of the Kingdom of Cambodia and the cool shade of our revered HM the King in our way forwards to prosperous future.

I am availing my high respect and evaluation to political parties and organizations in civil society for their active participations in keeping peace and political stability, uplifting national sovereignty, strengthening democracy, rights and freedom, rule of law, and development, while sharing their constructive views and opinions for the Royal Government’s leadership sake.

I am conveying my sincere thanks to our friends – near and far, development partners, and international organizations for their assistances to the Cambodian people from the day when the country liberated from the regime of genocide up to the present, and are working to further their fruitful relations and cooperation for the course of peace, democracy and development.

I am grateful to our compatriots for the supports you give to my political message “We Thank Peace.” The message’s value, I understand, is everlasting either in the past, at present or to the future. Everyone need peace, except terrorists who wish to destroy it. “We Thank Peace” has become a slogan for peace loving people.