Samdech techo Hun Sen ៖ Once we lost peace, we lose everything

Samdech techo Hun Sen Said Thanks to the 7 January victory day, the Cambodian nation has stood up once again and marched on a correct path holding ownership of their destiny. The past 41 years has been full of solidarity, heroism and victories. Our determination and commitment in the past 41 years has transformed our motherland from ashes to its proudest development stage. On such a long path, the Cambodian People’s Party, who led the struggle to liberate the Cambodian nation from the regime of genocide, continues to live and share sufferings and happiness with our people. It always serves as backing for our people in every circumstances in the course of national defense, people’s revival, peace and national reconciliation, and restoration, reconstruction and socioeconomic development. Clearly, the road ahead is stacked with obstacles. There would be no obstacles, however, big enough to hinder the march of our nation as long as we could keep national unity. Let us continue our journey on this correctly chosen path. We trust in our efforts. We always remember that internal factor is determined factor to victory. It is in this spirit that together we are determined resolutely to defend the hard-won peace for it to exist firmly and long-lastingly. We would allow no reactionary forces, at whatever price it would be to pay, to destroy it. Where there is peace, there would be a sustainable development and peaceful and prosperous life. Where there is peace, there would be a lasting guarantee and progress of democracy and rights and freedom. Success of development process and firm democracy would have repercussions on guaranteed sustainability of peace. Once we lost peace, we lose everything.

On this occasion, let me affirm clearly that the Royal Government is defending resolutely national independence and sovereignty, under whatever circumstances and situation. Whatever attempts to distract Cambodia from democracy and rule of law by forcing it not even to implement its own law would be unacceptable. The truth has clearly revealed that democracy, rights and freedom of the Cambodian people respected, kept, and uplifted steadfastly in the Cambodian national and people’s interests. There would be no justifiable reason for reiteration by external circles about restoring democracy and human rights in Cambodia. I hope that those circles will take appropriate thinking on positive evolvement in Cambodia and respect rights of the Cambodian people in choosing its path of development that is in conformity with its own history, social status, culture and Constitution. I also hope that Cambodia’s relations with certain countries who used to have incomprehensive perspective on the Royal Government would be promoted, uplifted and improved and would not continue to be a hostage of the dark chapter of history.