Chinese Embassy In Cambodia Expresses Deepest Condolence To Victims of Building Collapse

Phnom Penh: On June 23, Chinese Embassy in Cambodia denoted its deepest condolence to the death tools as well as victims suffering from seven-floor building collapsed on the early morning of June 22nd this year.

“A building which was under construction and invested by a Chinese national in Sihanoukville was collapsed and caused many casualties,” it noted.

“It was greatly saddened by the tragic loss, expressed its deepest condolences to the families of the victims and hoped for a speedy recovery of all that are injured in the accident,” it expressed.

“The Embassy also has appealed to Chinese enterprises and chambers of commerce in Cambodia to mobilize human resources, materials as well as equipment including large excavators to help with the rescue, it denoted.

“All three Chinese nationals related to the accident have been brought under control by the Cambodian police, the Embassy supported a thorough investigation of the accident and necessary measures by competent Cambodian authority in accordance with the law,” according to it announcement. Chamnan