A Land Tycoon And Five Others Arrested for Questioning 

Phnom Penh: Sok Bun, a prominent land tycoon and a director general of Sok Bun group, and five authorities from Koh Rong commune were apprehended and sent to court today’s morning with using fault documents and grabbing state land.

Anti-corruption unit brought Sok Bun and other five to municipal court prosecutor to be question over using counterfeit document to occupy people land and grab state property in Koh Rong community, according some source that Sky Radio Kh received from Phnom Penh Municipal Court.

These 6 suspects are: 1. Sok Bun, a director general of Sok Bun group, 2. Ou Nit, a head of Koh Rong commune council, 3. Seng Hour Leng, a commune chief, 4. Hen Salah, a council member of Koh Rong commune, 5. Keo Saom, a second deputy in chief of Koh Rong commune and Keo Pov, a Prai Svay village chief.

The suspects were being interrogated by Kouch Long, a deputy prosecutor of Phnom Penh Municipal Court.

Recently, 42 families from Koh Rong commune had file a complaint against them of stealing their land at Poy Ta Pheng Poy Ta Pok and Thmor Chonh Chang in Preak Svay village, Koh Rong commune where they has managed and resided so far, according to Sky Radio Kh’s reporter from its location.

“This villagers filed a complaint seeking for the intervention from Pheah Sihanouk provincial governor by accusing Sok Bun, official from ministry of land management, urban planning and cad astral survey officer led by Soun Sophat measured their land secretly on 22 March 2018 at Poy Ta Pheng Poy Ta Pok and Thmor Chonh Chang located in Preak Svay village, Koh Rong Commune, Preah Sihanouk Province,” according to the complaint said.

This complaint stated that villages had an agreement on the transferring ownership dated on 12th  March 2018, premised letter to use that land dated on 6th October 2008 and signed by Oun Nit, a former of Koh Rong Commune and confirming letter with Khmer identity dated on 12th August 2018.

After announcement on the head land was issued publicly, no one complained. So on the 22nd March 2018, Sok Bun colluded with Land Management officer, Choun Sophat, and other officers measures violatly without cooperation from authority on this land they are rightful owners and earn their living on, they continued.

Sok Bun shown his unsourced document confirmed of ownership of 525 hectares of land which made villagers filed complaint against him.

Ministry of Land Management, Urban Planning as well cad astral survey decided to create a working group to list the land owners in Koh Toch, Derm Thkov, Preak Svay and Sok San villages, Koh Kong Commune Preah Sihanouk. This group was divided into 21 other small groups to measure and collect data of head land in order to list it for specific ownership. For the left land is for state land but Sok Bun company and local authorities in Koh Rong commune colluded to invade state to be his own. After collecting getting this case, ACU has made an investigation and led to arrest and send this tycoon and five other the court. Chamnan